Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weather Report - January

Oh January!  This has to be my least favorite month on the Lake. 
Actually, I think it's my least favorite month anywhere.

It's really not bad for January.  It's 60 degrees, cloudy, and has been drizziling rain all day -

but ....

it's still beautiful!

Sometimes It's Hard ....

Sometimes it's hard to give up a piece of artwork. 

For several years now - well actually since about 2006 - most of my artwork has been photographic.  I do a lot of photo manipulations, artwork that starts out as a photograph which I digitally add to or subtract from, alter colors, add textures and finally create a dazzling piece of artwork - like this.

"Come Away"
And I love creating artwork like this.

But lately, I've started painting again.  I mean like really painting with a paint brush, watercolor or acrylic paints and paper or canvas.  And - it's different.  When you actually paint every little spot of color that you have mixed to just the right shade of blue or yellow or ... whatever, it becomes very personal.

So sometimes, once I've finished a painting, it's really hard to put the painting up for sale.

"Happy Trees at Twilight"
 But here it is.  "Happy Trees at Twilight" is on display and for sale at Merison's in Paris, Tennessee.  It's fairly large, 24" x 30", acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.  The sides of the canvas are about 1 1/2" deep and painted black.  No framing required.  Ready to hang.