Jewelry Samples

Samples of jewelry I have made.  I work primarily with paper, clay, buttons and recycled or up-cycled old jewelry.  All of my jewelry is unique and hand-painted by me.  Most of my jewelry is one-of-a-kind.  I am always experimenting with new ideas and looks and try to stay on top of what is popular now.

Paper is probably my favorite material for earrings because it is so light.  Paper is extremely versatile and has been used in jewelry for over 2000 years.  There’s no end to it’s shapes and colors and it’s very lightweight.  If you are afraid to wear big bold earrings because of the weight - think paper.  It’s light as a feather.  And all my paper pieces are sealed to make them water resistant (not water proof). With a little care paper jewelry will last for many, many years.

How light are paper earrings?   So light they might fly away. Really!  And because they are so light, I always include a set of rubber ear nuts with each pair.

Unless noted below the jewelry is made primarily from paper.  Click on any image to take a closer look and open a slide show.

Handmade, hand-painted clay and paper beads
mixed with glass and wood on faux suede cord.

Hand-painted wood and handmade paper beads on faux
suede cord.  $55.00



I hand paint all my paper jewelry, so each piece is a piece of art.



Paper, Wood, Glass







2 comments: said...

I think your jewelry is wonderful! Whimsical, wonderful designs, fabulous colors and unique. I admire your art, both in jewelry and your painting style. I think love isn't too strong a word.

Lee Owenby said...

Thank you for your nice comment.