About Lee

I am an artist and sometimes a jewelry maker.

I am always experimenting with art. In high school and college I was all about watercolors, acrylics and painting abstract bottles which were given away as gifts to all my relatives. Then it was finely detailed ink drawings (which I still do sometimes) and string art on my clients walls. Then I got into weaving rustic looking wall hangings and then into stained glass. I went back to watercolors and ink for a while and then - along came Adobe Photoshop. Wow! I've been using Photoshop since it first came out and still use it today - almost every day.  My latest experiments have been with jewelry and acrylics and mixed media paintings on canvas.  

About my paintings:  I recently re-discovered the joy of painting with acrylics on canvas in a not-too-serious playful style.  Lately it's all been about "Happy Trees" and florals.  We’ll just have to see where it takes me.

About my jewelry: As an artist I seem to generate a lot of scrap materials and I hate to see it wasted. Sometimes it’s a colorful scrap of watercolor paper from a not-too-wonderful painting, or trimmings from the edges of my prints or a bit of mat board. In the interest of being ecologically friendly (and because I’m a pack-rat) I started experimenting with making jewelry from these lightweight and versatile materials. Many times I combine them with polymer clay, recycled glass or wooden beads, buttons, scraps of metal, and just about any little doo dad that I think might look good. Although some pieces may look similar, my jewelry is not mass produced. Each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. All my paper jewelry is water-resistant, but not water-proof. Do not immerse in water.

About my photography:  I have never considered myself to be a “photographer.” I actually know very little about photography and cameras. When people ask about my camera, I usually have to open my camera case and look. I currently use an inexpensive, point and shoot style Fuji that I‘ve had for several years. What I do is not about the camera. It’s about the post-processing - what I do after I capture the image.  I manipulate photographs. I play with colors, digital techniques, textures, add images from other photographs or scans of pieces of my original artwork. My work takes on a painterly aspect and viewers frequently think they are looking at a watercolor or ink drawing. The finished product is a digital image which is printed on archival paper with archival inks.