Monday, December 15, 2014

Digital Downloads - Something A Little Different

I have re-opened my Etsy shop at and while I have big plans for the future (like my handmade jewelry and canvas paintings), for right now I'm going to focus on digital downloads or printable art for my typography.  Here's an example:

"So what's so good about digital downloads or printable art?" you ask.  

First of all - it saves you money.  The download price for the piece shown above (without the watermark) is only $5.00.  Shipping Cost ?  Zero, zip, nada, zilch. So read on.

What Do You Get?
An instant digital download of the image (minus the watermark).  Once you purchase and pay for the listing, both a JPEG file and a PDF file will be delivered almost instantly to the email address you provide. Simply click on the link to download the file and save it to your computer. 

Once you have the file on your computer, you can print it in a variety of ways.  The image size is 8 x 10, but the resolution is high enough to enlarge up to quadruple its size.  You can print it at home from your computer and printer, or you can take it to your local printer, or you can use any of the vast number of photo printing services on the internet.  Do an internet search for “photo prints” or “canvas photo prints”.  Yes, these images look great on canvas!  Printing from these images is just like having a photo printed.  It’s that easy!

You could have it printed on a coffee mug, tee shirt, pillow case, tote bag, mouse pad - whatever you like for your own personal use or as gifts.  You just can't market it, mass produce it or sell it because of my copyright.  "© Lee Owenby 2014. All rights reserved. This digital file is for personal use only and may only be used by the purchaser. You may not share, sell or alter this digital file in any way. Goods made using this file may not be sold. "

Like the art but don't want to print it yourself?  Please visit:
For pillow, totes, phone cases:  Lee Owenby at Red Bubble
For prints on fine art papers, canvas and frames:  Lee Owenby at Imagekind.   or Lee Owenby at Fine Art America.

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions or special requests!
Thank you!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Art As Christmas Gifts

Hope you'll keep me in mind when shopping for Christmas gifts for that special person.   My fine art paintings and prints on archival paper and canvas are available online as well as here in my neighborhood.  My online galleries make shopping easy and will even ship your presents for you.

This year, I've added a new format for a few of my paintings as throw pillows, tote bags and phone cases at My Red Bubble Gallery.  Just click on your favorite image to see it as a throw pillow, etc.

I also have a large line of jewelry available at T.F. Rice & Co.  right here in Paris Landing.  I hand make each piece from a variety of materials.  Many are from recycled buttons, watercolor paper and old jewelry.  I've also started experimenting with clay.  Each piece is unique.

In Paris and Paris Landing Tennessee

Handmade Jewelry available at T.F. Rice & Co.

  • Merison's - Fine art paintings and prints.  Largest selection of prints of Jack's Pool Room
  • T.F. Rice & Co. - Largest selection of my handmade jewelry, original fine art paintings and prints.



Tote Bags, Throw Pillows, Phone Cases at Red Bubble