Thursday, September 2, 2010

Labor Day Vacation Plans

I was in town the other day when someone mentioned Labor Day and asked where I was going for the holiday weekend.

It kind of threw me for a loop because - you see - I now live in the place that I always used to go to on vacation. Kentucky Lake at Paris Landing. - and - it’s one of the hottest vacation spots in this neck of the woods.

Right now, things are pretty quite out here at the lake. Very little traffic, not much going on except for the store vendors stocking up for the holiday.

But Friday afternoon folks will start pouring in. There will be more cars than you can shake a stick at - boats, Rvs, golf carts, motorcycles. Saturday morning the folks down at the 4 Way Grill and the Trading Post will have more customers than can find parking places. The boat ramps will be backed up and by late morning the lake will be buzzing with all kinds of boats.

For three days these folks will wear shorts, tee shirts, bathing suits, flip flops, tennis shoes, and not much else. They will leave their suits and silk dresses at home. They may or may not brush their hair as skiing and boating seem to have a way of rearranging hairdos. They will be boating, skiing, seadoing, fishing, swimming and just about anything else you can legally do in a large body of water - any maybe some of the illegal stuff too. Some of them will get crazy and do things they would never do at home. They will play and have so much fun that when it gets dark they will just be worn out. They will sleep hard and wake up the next day and do it all over again. Until finally - late Monday they will head back home. And then I can go back on vacation. Me and the few other folks who live in this little corner of the world year round will once again have the place all to ourselves.

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