Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blame It On Murphy The Devil Cat

I'm pretty good on computers.  I can type really good and maneuver my way through the Internet.  And most of the time if I am just using the mouse I can even do it all with this sitting on my arm.

Murphy has a fascination for sitting on my arm while I am on the computer.  This could be for several reasons.
  1. He's watching the screen just like me.
  2. It's the mouse.  How smart is Murphy? Does he know that we call that thing a mouse?
  3. It's the big red roller ball on my mouse.  He has a big red ball of yarn that he likes to play with.
  4. Or it's because this is a perfect position for him to get his ears scratched.  Sorry there is no photo of this. I need at least one hand to take the photo.
I say it's number 4 above.  Murphy is very smart.  He knows he can put his butt in my nice comfy lap while he has the front part of his body propped on my desk.  He has to actually lay over my arm for security.  And of course while I am operating the mouse with my right hand ... that leaves the left hand free to scratch his ears.  And that is what Murphy is all about - ear scratching.  (Yes his ears are clean.  We check them all the time.)  Ear scratching must be just the most wonderful thing in the world to all cats.

So what am I blaming on Murphy?  Boo boos and gibberish.  Notice the proximity between Murphy and the "enter" button on the keyboard.  Murphy is notorious for sticking that left paw out and hitting the enter key.  He's also been known to have a cat fit and run across the keyboard causing all sorts of problems.  And occasionally when I have left the computer unattended for a few minutes, I have caught him trying to roll the red ball on the mouse while he is sitting on the keyboard.

So if you see gibberish from me, incomplete posts, or deleted posts ... in all likelihood it was Murphy - the Devil Cat.

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