Monday, February 7, 2011

What Have I Been Doing????

What have I been up to lately you ask???

Watching it snow.  Took this about 3 weeks ago right after it snowed.

Doing a lot of letter art.  This one was for Jack Jones Flowers & Gifts.

Feeding the fat little birds over at Mother's house.

Making pendant jewelry.  This one is over at Jack Jones Flowers & Gifts.

Watching it snow!

Yipes!  Exploring "Snake Jewelry" at Paris On The Square

Watching it snow!  I think this was last week.

Making more jewelry.  This one is at Schemes & Themes.

Wondering what kind of critter left these tracks in the snow in my back yard.

  Making More jewelry!!!  I think I'm addicted.

And of course ... watching it snow.
I am so ready for spring!!!!!

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