Friday, April 22, 2011

Storms and Bunnies!

We had a terrible storm come through here.  Straight line winds came across the lake at about 70 miles an hour uprooting trees all up and down the shore line.  See the pretty lake picture at the top of right column on this page ... the one with the pretty blue water and white dogwood.  Just imagine standing in the same spot I was in when I took that photo with a 70 mph wind blowing in your face. 

The storm passed.  Thank goodness no one was hurt and there was very little structural damage.  But I can't imagine how many trees have been lost. 

On the bright side  ... SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG! 

Flopsy and Mopsy are playing in the phlox and ajuga.  That's Flopsy on the left, Mopsy on the right.  My sister, Anne, gave me these cute little brown ceramic bunnies years ago.  They are starting to show their age.  I think a bird may have been using Flopsy's head to open sunflower seeds.  Our youngest granddaughter loves these rabbits.  Everytime she comes to visit she has to pick them up.
This was last year - or was it the year before?

This is when we were trying to go in for the evening.  She wouldn't give up Mopsy.

I can hear everyone say "Awwwwww!" This is so sweet!  I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to catch this photo.

Other bunnies in our neighborhood ...
I think I found the Easter bunny.  He's hiding at Homestead Garden & Gifts on East Antioch Road just down the road from me. 

He loves petunias.  Have you ever smelled petunias???  The fragrance is a little like cinnamon.  A wonderful fragrance.  I didn't buy this planter.  I think I may have to.

Happy Easter everyone!

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