Friday, September 23, 2011

Arts 'Round the Square

Getting ready for "Arts 'Round the Square" and the Eyeful of Paris weekend.  Right now, in the middle of my living room, I'm setting up an art display.

We've been walking around this for a few days now.  It's a lot neater now than when I started.    This seems to be the only way I can make sure I take everything I need and that I have a place for everything.

The jewelry, which has temporarily(?) been titled "Doo Dads & Thingys" was particularly challenging since I have never displayed jewelry at a show and had nothing upon which to display it.  I really got panicky over this yesterday when it dawned on me that I couldn't just throw the stuff on a table.  

So I got to exploring for possible jewelry displays.  Started looking in the shed.  Really studied some chicken wire.  Then I went out to Eric's shop.  "Honey, those big teeth on the front of that backhoe bucket would be kind of neat to hang necklaces."  Finally settled on this ....

An old, beat up picture frame spray painted with flat black paint and a piece of black mat board criss-crossed with fishing line.  (Fishing line is my duct tape.  Can't live without fishing line.)  You can see some of the fishing line in the photo because of the camera flash, but it is actually almost invisible.  I'm impressed with my creativity ... aren't you?  I hot glued a piece of black cardboard over the back to help secure the fishing line and there is a row of nails on the back, top edge to hang necklaces.  And believe it or not, if I am just a little careful, I can pick it up and lay it flat without removing all the Doo Dads and Thingys ... so I won't have to re-hang all that stuff tomorrow.

Now, if just won't rain or the wind doesn't blow too hard.

Hope to see you there!

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