Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Trip to Paris

Went to Paris today just to spend a few hours.

The weather was gorgeous!!!

First stop - Merison's.

Checking up on my artwork when I noticed a piece by one of my favorite artist.

I think this is called "The Year of Our Ford" and it's by Eleanor Baker.  She does these large watercolors that are really unique.

Also found these nesting bowls by a local artist.  (My intention was to photograph their business card, but as you can see my camera flash just blew it out.)  I'm sure the folks at Merisons could tell you the name of the artist.

After Merison's I headed to the library.  As I was leaving I spotted these gorgeous
Nandina's next door at L.I. Smith's & Associates.  Just had to get a photo.

Then over to Lee School Academy of the Arts to check on some of my artist friends.

Took a quick trip to the Riverwalk at San Antonio ...
 .. via this colorful Ann Stapp painting.  (Visit her blog.)

Then ...

off to Italy for this unique architectural view by Ken Alexander.

Donna Revelee was busy on a new painting.

There's Gene McWherter just painting away.

Ken Alexander digging through his box of ideas.

Ann Stapp

Ann Stapp's paint brushes.  Look how clean they are!

And - saving the best for last.

Gene Snowden's portraits always blow me away.

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