Monday, March 26, 2012

Wisteria & Kittys

If you aren't into flowers or the wonders of Spring, you may need to take a detour for a few weeks from this blog. Here at Paris Landing we are having one of the most beautiful Springs!  All the flowers and blooming trees are perfect this year and I just can't help my self.  It's just too pretty to ignore.

So any way, I was visiting my friend Cindy Rice the other day and she mentioned she had a pretty Wisteria bush and didn't I need a photo of some Wisteria.  Well, I'm always game for a neat photograph and I had seen some Wisteria around here, a small bush here and there, but nothing that just begged to be photographed.  She kept telling me what a pretty Wisteria bush it was so I thought, why not?

Well .......

My goodness! 

I love it!!!  And then - along came this sweet little creature!

Hello kitty, kitty!

And of course while I was there I had to look around for other neat things.

Like this lizard attached to a Kentucky Lake rock with their house number, and ..

... these pretty little stepping stones.

Well ... hello again!  Apparently the Wisteria also makes a great jungle gym for the kitty.

Back to interesting things.
A bird house in a bird bath.  How convenient!
One of the most interesting potting/storage??? sheds I've ever seen.
There may be a painting here.

Let's see now, why was I here?
Oh yes.

The Wisteria!
Bye, bye!  Hope you enjoyed your visit.

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Kathi said...

so beautiful! I wish mine would bloom!