Friday, November 23, 2012

Small Business Saturday

When you think of supporting small businesses, don’t forget about the real little guys like me and other local artisans who work from our homes and depend on the internet and other businesses to market our wares.
I am fortunate to have three local small business storefronts that carry my artwork and/or jewelry.
  • Jack’s Java/ Jack Jones has carried my art prints for several years.
  • Merison’s, which is primarily a furniture, appliance and electronics store has taken a unique approach to supporting local artisans by displaying their works as part of the home d├ęcor they sell. Most of the wall art, pottery, throws, quilts, rugs you see at Merison’s are made by local artists.
  • T.F. Rice & Company, described as “An Eclectic Artistic Gathering,” carries a mix of art by regional artisans. Just about everything in the store is handmade by an artist (small business owner) who lives within a 50 mile radius of Paris Landing.

I also have an internet storefront on Imagekind (a USA business) which I have been using since 2009 for my art prints. These are the folks who print my artwork on archival papers or canvas, frame them and ship them anywhere in the world. Of course this also means that people around the world are looking at my pictures of a pretty little town called Paris, Tennessee and it’s neighbor - Paris Landing.
So, I guess my point is - Yes - please shop with small businesses - but try to shop local too or at least USA made. If everything you buy in that small business is made overseas …who are you really helping?

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