Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Trees

A special "Thank You"  to Carmen Watson at the Olive Pit Restaurant in Paris, Tennessee.    Carmen purchased three of my "happy tree" paintings today.  Many times I don't know or meet the folks who buy my art.  I've never sold three original paintings in one day, much less to the same person - and I got to meet the buyer - so - this really made my day.

Painting Titles:  "Happy Tree In Blue & Gold", 
"Happy Tree In Red With Sunflowers", and "Happy Tree In Red"

The paintings were on exhibit in the Tennessee River Fine Arts League exhibit at Lee School and at the Windsor Candle Company when Carmen noticed them.   I delivered them to her today at the Olive Pit Restaurant where we discussed different places she could hang them.    One of the walls already has a sign on it which says "Live, Laugh, Love" and Carmen commented that she wanted to hang one of them with the sign since the colors were so cheerful and made her "happy".   It was then that I pointed out they were all "Happy Trees" and told her their titles.

Thank you Carmen!  I hope you and your customers enjoy these paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them.  

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