Saturday, September 20, 2014

Personalized Art

For those of you who like the art we have for our canvas painting classes at T.F. Rice & Co.  - but  are not into painting ... all these images are also available as ready to purchase art.  Just check in the store.

We also have personalized art which you can order.

We had a lot of inquiries about the "Scare Crow" canvas we painted the other day.  This is a subject for one of our canvas painting classes.  You can come to class, paint and personalize it for $30, or we can paint it for you on a 12" x 16" canvas, personalize it, put a coat of varnish on it, and add a wire hanger to the back for $42. The edges will also be painted, so no frame is necessary.

Also available for personalization is this Sunflower & Pumpkin on a 10" x 20" canvas, also for $42.

These are painted and signed by me, Lee Owenby, and no two are exactly alike.   A deposit is required, since once the canvas is varnished it can not be painted over.  I will email a photo of the finished painting for your approval before varnishing, if requested.  They are available only at T.F. Rice & Co.  Contact Cindy Rice to order yours.  

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