Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Photo Restoration - My Latest

I love doing photo restorations and this has been one of my favorites so far.

The 3" x 5" original 1920's photo of a very dapper couple was starting to fade, crumble and crack. The woman's face had all but disappeared. The owner wanted it cleaned up and enlarged a little.

This is it after I cleaned it up.  
Although you can't tell it here, it can now be printed as at least an 8" x 10".

I wasn't sure about the original background but I got the impression of clouds - so I added in a faint cloud background.  I also printed the couple's name and circa 1920 on the front of the photo.  So many times the photo information is printed on the back and then the photo has to be removed from the album to see it.  Often times the back is ruined from glue pulling off the back.  

A 5" x  7" closeup.

How It Works

Customers send me a scan made at 300 resolution or mail the original to me.  If you don't have a scanner, most print shops can scan photos and might email it to me for you.

I charge $35 minimum for the first 2 hours of work and then $10 an hour after that.  I also charge a $10 fee for each additional photo.  This photo by itself would have cost $35. 

I send you a proof and you pay by pay pal, cash, or check.  Your payment must clear before I email the finished, full-size photo to you.

You can print it at home or have it printed just as you would any other photo.

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