Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Devil Cat's Morning Routine

Every morning Murphy does this to me. He will also do it to anyone who is visiting our kitchen and is fool hardy enough to fall for his innocent act.  So be warned!

He starts to circle my feet making these sweet little burrrr noises. He gently nudges my ankles as I go about fixing coffee in the kitchen.

He slithers around in a snakelike fashion, always the same move - kind of like a dance routine.

He looks up once or twice, making eye contact to be sure he has my attention. Notice that strange look in his eyes. I know you think it is the flash from the camera bouncing off his eyes but this is also when “Murphy the Devil Cat” starts to appear.  All sweet and innocent you think????

Then he sort of just plops down on my foot. The dance continues. Always the same maneuver. Most cat owners know this maneuver as the “scratch my belly with your foot” maneuver. But Murphy has added a new kick to it.

Be careful. Be very careful!!!! Look a little closer at that innocent face. 

Not so innocent looking now, is it? This is “Murphy The Devil Cat.” You have to just walk away. Do not, I repeat DO NOT give in to the urge to scratch his belly with your big toe. If you do he will bite the daylights out of it and while you are howling in pain, jumping around on one foot - he will be dashing around the house, leaping from one piece of furniture to another in pure glee!

That’s how he likes to start his morning.

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