Friday, October 1, 2010

Junk Mail and Dust Bunnies

Did I mention Eric was laid off a few days ago.  He has a lot of free time on his hands.

Yesterday he discovered junk mail. An offer for dental insurance. He spent 30 minutes discussing rates with me. Called them for a few more details. How much more junk mail will that generate since he had to tell them everything including his blood type to get answers?  He was about to call our dentist to discuss his rates - when , thank heavens, we had to leave.

A while ago he brought in the shop vac and so far has spent about 45 minutes cleaning behind and under the refrigerator. He brought in the air compressor a few minutes ago and told me he was going to have to blow a little to get everything out. I reminded him - it is the kitchen, the place we prepare food as I quickly covered the pot of boiling chicken. He said he would blow just a “little.”

Murphy has gone into hiding. I would go with him if I could find him. The house is kind of vibrating from the air compressor. I think the shop vac is running too!!!  I know when he is finished, it will be so clean back there we could eat off the floor. But it’s kind of scary!

I love my husband

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