Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sitting Rocks

Way down there at the bottom of the hill are some sandstone rocks.

They've been there as long as I can remember, but perhaps they used to be a little larger.  We always called them the "Sitting Rocks" for obvious reasons.  They were a perfect place to sit.

This is my Grandma Ruby Hailey Heavrin sitting on one of the rocks
around 1965. I took this photo of her and then she took one of me.

Here's another one she took of me standing on more of the rocks closer to the bank.

Everytime I see these rocks I think of my Grandma and the beautiful fall day we took these photos.  The rocks have become a sort of special place for my family.  

A place we continue to sit at and ponder and take photos.

Who would have thought a few Kentucky Lake rocks could evoke such nostalgia.

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GSexton said...

That menu brings back so many memories. Bull Durham's was THE place for KY Lake catfish back in the day. Just for the record, "the day" was in the early 60's. On Friday and Saturday nights, there was never an empty seat in the restaurant. To this day, Bull Durham's remains one of the Gold Standards for good eatin'. Thanks for the memories.