Sunday, June 9, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

If you haven't checked out my painting classes and the craft classes at T.F. Rice & Co. - you are really missing out on a lot of fun.   The "Margarita" class was a great success.
Last Thursday we played in the "Craft Room" and painted on canvas to make banners. 
Kathi made a banner with paint and buttons.
Sharon (a.k.a. Superwoman) mistook the banner as her cape.
Susan painting dragonflies.
The finished "Dragonfly" banner. 
Come Play With Us Every Other Thursday. 
Next Play Date- Thursday, June 20th.
Our last paint "Paris" class was a major success.  Everyone chose these panaromic canvases that are 8" x 24" and got REAL creative in their lettering.  I love that each canvas came out different.  Lot's of folks are afraid to do artwork with lettering but you would be surprised at how easy (and fun) this project is.  Click on "Painting Classes" at the top of the page for our other classes.

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