Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In The Works

In the works in my dining room studio. I gave up a long time ago on having a formal dining room and just turned it into my studio.    Unfortunately, folks who don't know me and come to my front door hardly ever get to see my finished art.  Instead, they see things like this.

And I know they must wonder about me.

Backing up doesn't help.  You just see more stuff "in the works."

Sometimes I hang unfinished work on the wall - to study it and decide what to do next.  I forget it's hanging there until I catch a visitor looking at it and wondering if I'm crazy.

This morning it's really deep in here and I need to stop and dig my way out.

Every now and then it looks a little neater.

I have to stop and clean out a spot to take a photo.
Of course this is just the table top where I work.  You did notice that I didn't show the rest of my "studio" didn't you? 

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