Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Time Painter

One of the things I really like about helping people paint (sometimes I hesitate to use the word "teach") is when they tell me  ...

  • how much fun they had 
  • and how much they learned 
  • and that they want to paint some more.

That's the way it went today.  We only had one student for our Saturday morning class.  It's  Saturday of the Labor Day weekend and most folks around here are out playing in Kentucky Lake.  But Debra Zemanek came to paint a sunflower - so it was just the two of us.  She told me what colors she wanted in her painting and kind of how she wanted it to look and then .... she told me she had never painted anything, ever before.   Nothing.  Zero. Nil.
Debra Zemanek with her first ever painting.

I love this sunflower that I helped her paint.  No, it's not a Rembrandt, but I love the whimsical, loose style of it and her color choices.  And for her first ever painting, I think it's fabulous!  But what I really, personally like is that before she left she told me ...
  • how much fun she had 
  • and how much she learned 
  • and that she wants to paint some more.

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