Monday, August 19, 2013

Teaching People How To Paint

I never dreamed that someday I would be teaching people how to paint.  I never dreamed I would teach people how to do anything.  Teaching just isn't in my DNA.  But apparently I can teach them a little about painting and a lot about having fun at it and experimenting.

And this makes me happy and apparently it makes them happy too - as you can tell from the above photo.

Partnering with Cindy Rice at T.F. Rice & Co. to have 2 hour painting on canvas sessions has turned out to be a challenging and fun creative outlet for me.  You may have seen these classes in larger cities.  If you haven't, just Google "canvas painting classes."  They are everywhere because they really are fun.  In these classes the students actually finish a painting on canvas by the end of the 2 hours.  We use wrap-around or gallery styled canvases where the painting goes around the sides, so no frame is necessary. It's ready to hang.  Cindy provides the space and all the tools and supplies for the classes.  I provide the ideas, instructions, how-to's, and get to inspire people to be creative.  I get to have all the fun!

Sometimes the finished art all looks pretty much the same from a distance, but if you get in close - 

You can see the difference in each painting.
We all had a lot of fun making fluffy white clouds in "Bridgeview."

And on other times - no two paintings look alike.  This class was "Still Life on a Black Canvas."  

It was all about painting on a black canvas.
Lot's of fun and very individual.

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